Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gorilla Woman

Once again, I had a Great Day with my Sister Michele ( taking pictures and having Sis time!  She brought a special coat with her today.  It is a Gorilla fur coat that her Grandmother Naomi Wimmenauer gave to her before she passed away.  I am totally against the harm of animals for furs, but this coat was made about 60 years ago when times were different and the wearing of fur was not an issue.  Just let me say, when she said she had a gorilla fur my first thought was...What???  But it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and knowing it belonged to her grandmother and it had so much history behind it, made it even more special to touch.  Sis, I hope this picture will always remind you of your Beautiful Grandmother are the spitting image of her...a Beauty to Behold!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

We ♥ Our Pets

Week #49 Photo Challenge "Pets Only"

This weeks photo challenge over at is "Pets Only".

I chose this picture of my 10 year old Boxer named "Breanna" and my 2 year old Satin Peruvian Silkie Guinea Pig named "Bhaji". 
As you can see by the look on Breanna's face, this was becoming quite boring for her.  She is old and she couldn't care less about Bhaji or this photo shoot! Unexpectedly, I liked this picture of her eyes closed the best! 
Bhaji and Breanna are very good friends and love napping together!

Now get your critter lovin' self on over to iHeartFaces and check out the other pet photos Y'all!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...Who's the Fairest of them ALL???

My Beautiful Sister Michele....Of Course!!!

My sister Michele ( stopped by my office yesterday afternoon for lunch and to catch up with me.  Then I told her I had a great idea for a photo that I would like for her to try.  And being her usual cooperative self she agreed to do it.  Just like I had imagined the picture in my head...SNAP! There it was! This picture was taken in my office using only the natural light coming through the windows. 
I am so in love with this shot.  But beautiful photos are easy when you have a Beautiful model Y'all!

Thanks Sis! Can't wait to show off more pics of you! You are truly Beautiful...inside and out!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

iHeartFaces Week #48 Photo Challenge "Sweet Dreams"

I ♥ Sweet Dreams

This weeks photo challenge over at is "Sweet Dreams."

Tonight when my little man Brandon started to nod off I slipped into bed with him and... HE WOKE UP! That's just my luck! But I told him I only wanted to snap a real quick photo of him dreaming and to just go back to sleep.  I had the camera on a tripod, with the timer set and snapped the shot.  He didn't want anymore flashing lights and rolled this was my only photo. 
I tried to keep the main focus on him, but I sure do wish I had about a dozen more shots to work with!
I enjoy being behind the camera as well as in front of the camera...thank goodness for tripods and timers y'all!

Now if you would like to see more "Sweet Dream" photos, go on and click on the above link to iHeartFaces and have yourself a ball. It's a great place to share photography ideas and make new friends!

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